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Those familiar with the Sybian female orgasm machine are aware of the amazing multi orgasms it frequently produces. Unfortunately you’ll pay several thousand dollars for them. Now you can get the same multi-orgasm result at a fraction of price This is the best female multiple squirting orgasm machine YOU CAN BUY!

Don’t take my word for it here is what my customers are saying

Purchased this for my wife as an Anniversary gift. She is very well pleased with the item. Every time she uses it (which is quite often) she always smiles and says “You did Good”!!!

This is my new best friend and I have Rob to thank for this! He is a great guy and business man. Puts his heart into every machine! Can’t wait to see what pops out of that brain of his.

I got one of these for my girlfriend after we tried a sybian. She absolutely LOVES it! The orgasms keep coming one after the other.

Always wanted a Sybian, but couldn’t  justify spending that kind of money. This is the same, or better at a fraction of the cost….”

Read more on my reviews page.

 BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!! Whether you’re the kind of person that wants to build your own Sybian style machine or would rather have the complete machine built for you, DIYSybian can help. For the “DIY” kind of person we have a rotation and non rotation kit, both include step by step videos and pics. Also now available are pre sewn vinyl covers for $65 this makes wraping them much faster and a professional finish.

Want a Mind Blowing Multiple Squirting Orgasm Machine already built just let us know 

what color and any custom embroidery you want and we will build it for you. While we specialize in providing a quality Sybian type machine we look to Sybian for their expertise for the attachments. Click here to see Sybian’s available attachments.

All complete built units come with a 1-year warranty are professionally built and upholstered in your color choice red,black,pink other colors available upon request for $100.

Stay connected for my next invention. I’m always dreaming up new things. If you have dreams of your own WE OFFER our building services for your own projects. Contact us to bring your ideas to life.
Ladies……An Invitation To Change Your Sex Life,For The Better, Forever!   

   Ultra Pleasure! DIYSybian delivers an unbelievable orgasm that most women dont know exist. Learn what few women know as the most exhilirating ride of there lives

Check out this video from Sybian about how the average person has been blown away, My machine will give you the exact results as my reviews here



 standard rotation model  allows 200/400 rpm

manual selection via finger hole on the side

and a front mounted thumb screw for on/off selection

This version is only available in kit form for  $399.

Offering pre sewn vinyl covers for kits, these save you alot of work and time

get them in black,red,pink and the end can be any combination of those  


$65 each and get free shipping when purchasing vinyl upgrade

My latest upgrade

click pic below for video



All current orders and future orders will have a dial to control

the rotation also now forward and reverse

 allows full range control from 0 to 400 rpm


A complete top of the line machine rotation control,

and vibrations

controled via hand held dial, shipping included is $699.00

Complete machines come in a textured black plastic finish a you

can get it wrapped in vinyl like in some of the pictures

for $100 more and get freeshipping with vinyl upgrade, message me

after purchase to have this done.

All kits and complete machines come standard with

speed control 


speed control




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